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Akeeme Robinson, affectionately known as "Coach Keem," is a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach through The American Council on Exercise (ACE). He is certified in Nutrition Coaching and Sports Training by International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  The name Coach Keem came from his experience as a Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for High School Athletes. Keem currently serves as a Defensive Coordinator at Serra Catholic Highschool and Head Trainer of Coach Keem Fitness & Performance Training. Coach Keem Fitness focuses on functional movements and overall fitness for all. We specialize in weight loss, weight management, strength training, sports specific training and functional fitness for senior citizens.

Meet coach toree


Hey there! My name is Toree Robinson and I am the co-owner of Coach Keem Fitness and Performance. Outside of my husband's big personality, I make sure your overall customer experience with us is one you'll never forget! I am your first point of contact throughout your entire Team Keem Journey, all while assisting you with nutritional guidance. Overall, we pride ourselves on keeping a fun, safe, family-friendly environment and our clients make it easy to maintain. Looking forward to meeting you!


Fat Loss

Balance & Stability Training

Toned Body w/ Increase Lean Muscle

Speed & Agility Improvement

Flexibility Training

Improved Health

Strength Training

Improved Metabolism

Cardio Fitness Training

Improved Diet

Improved Sex Life

Core Strengthening

Improved Self-Confidence