Team Keem was created to build a fitness family. We believe health starts in the home and a healthy community is a better community.

Pictured June 2018: #TeamKeem hosts bootcamp to raise money for Antwone Rose, who was a victim to police brutality in the Pittsburgh Area. With the help of #TeamKeem we were able to raise over $400 with all proceeds going to Antwone Rose's family.

Pictured August 18-19: Keem reading books and teaching the importance of health to students of Freedom School.

Pictured May 2020: YMCA Director Miles, Keem, Toree + sister Terryn. #TeamKeem passing out food in the community and sharing health facts during the COVID-19 Health Epidemic.

Pictured June 2020: Keem + Toree volunteering services to community organization YouFit, to prevent childhood obesity.

Pictured July 2020: Keem + Toree with student Khalil, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. With the help of #TeamKeem, we were able to pay for (3) of his chemo treatments!

Pictured May 2020: FREE Virtual Mother's Day Bootcamp w/ FitMomsOfPhilly. All donated proceeds went towards feeding families in the Pittsburgh + Philadelphia Areas. With the help of #TeamKeem, we were able to raise $600 combined and donate healthy snack bags to the Best of The Batch Foundation.