Frequently Asked Questions

Why Virtual Training?

Virtual Training is a convenient way to train for those who are unmotivated and/or need guidance while reaching their goals. We offer classes that are both beginner friendly and challenging for all fitness levels.

What do I need for Virtual Training?

Virtual Training does not require any equipment during your first week of training with us. However, to maximize results you will need resistance bands, chair/step stool and 2 sets of dumbbells ranging from 10lbs-30lbs based on your fitness level.

How do I know if Virtual Training is for me?

Virtual Training is great for people who do not have time to go to the gym and/or wish to be effective in their workout regime but need someone to hold them accountable.

How can I get the best experience with Virtual Training?

Pull out your headphones and Computer/ iPad for the full virtual experience!

Why do you only offer certain times?

We have found that clients are the most successful when they have a set schedule to workout. They remain committed to themselves and their goals.

What is the difference between Virtual Training vs Private Training?

Virtual Training is done through a screen as a group setting. Private Training is gym training with yourself and Coach Keem.