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The Key To Your Results

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Coach Keem

Discipline Is That Key

The fastest way to getting what you want is through more better discipline. Nothing is more reliable in producing results than discipline. If we are honest, the only thing that can accelerate something from 5 years to 1 year is discipline. Some things that took you a half a year to finish could have maybe gotten done in 3 months if you had better discipline at the time that you did it. This remains true as well for your results along your fitness journey.

We all know that to achieve maximum results we must blend a good diet with a good training regimen. The problem why most people just like yourself fall off isn't because you don't want to really achieve your goal, the problem is a persons discipline. The lack of discipline is why you have not seen the results you want. The lack of discipline is why it seems to be taking so long. Think about it, how many times have you messed up on your diet? How many times have you missed sessions, or had days even time periods (weeks, months) of inactivity after you said you was going to commit to it?

The short cut is discipline, want a better 90 day result get better discipline. Want a better 6 month result than the last 6 months get better discipline.

Discipline is the accelerator. Just move