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Meet Coach Keem

What's up?! I'm Keem, affectionately known as Coach Keem. The coach behind 500+ results and taking over 10,000 pounds off of this earth! I've been fortunate enough to build a clientele all over America. With over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry, I help get folks into the best shape of their life!

I focus on functional training and mobility exercises for overall fitness. All while specializing in weight loss, strength training, fat loss, weight management and sports specific training.

Training with me is a vibe! Every weekday at 6am (est), I have an exclusive virtual class called ' The Wake-up Call '  for the most ambitious individuals who need a consistent and convenient way to workout before the workday gets started.  
It is my mission to lower the risk of heart disease in the black community through in-person and virtual training programs. I'm excited to have you on the team, let's work!


Meet Toree

Operations Manager / Sister Saturdays Instructor


Meet Kathryn

R&B Yoga Instructor


Meet Terryn

Sister Saturdays Instructor