coach keem training policies

Below is a list of our policies for your records, knowledge and understanding if you have any questions about any of them please let us know. Again we are so excited that you are entrusting us on your fitness journey. 


We require all clients to self-schedule on our scheduling app. We post weekly schedules on our scheduling app and it is up to you to schedule yourself during the time that you are coming. You are solely responsible for scheduling your sessions and attending them. Failure to schedule on our scheduling app each week will result in loss of sessions with no make-up.

Missed sessions can only be made up within the following week. If you missed more than 4 sessions and need extended time, valid documentation is required. 

Eligible missed sessions include sick days, family emergencies, death in the family and scheduled vacations (Vacations must be communicated 1 week prior).

As a client, if you cannot make a session that you scheduled on our scheduling app you must cancel within (1) hour prior to your session(s). Failure to do so will result in a loss of your training session with no make-up. Reschedules are allowed as long as previous canceled session(s) were within the (1) hour time frame. 

Regardless of the scenario, we ask that you communicate to us what is going on because we are only here to help you reach your goals not complicate them.


Clients are responsible for arriving on-time to their training sessions. Trainers are obligated to wait only 15 minutes (10 minutes for 30-minute sessions). After 15 minutes (10 minutes for 30-minute sessions), the trainer is not required to lead the remaining time of the session and the session may be lost.


All Personal Training Sessions, Classes and Programs must be prepaid. Payment may be made with a credit card. ALL CLIENTS MUST HAVE A CARD ON FILE TO TRAIN. All monthly training packages must be paid in full at the time of cancellations or the remaining balance will be deducted from your card. All sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE, AND THEY EXPIRE AT THE END OF THE MONTHLY PACKAGE IN WHICH THEY WERE PURCHASED. Service may only be used while Coach Keem F&P membership status is current and valid. All sessions automatically expire without a refund when the membership terminates for any reason. Sessions and packages expire at the end of the period in which they were purchased without refund. 


If you wish to end your personal training package here at Coach Keem Fitness & Performance Training, please submit your cancellation to us in writing 14 days prior to your next billing. We must have an official cancellation date in your membership file in order to calculate any refund amount owed to you, or any funds you owe to the Gym (please refer to our Payment Policy for how this amount is calculated). Your membership cannot be canceled by word of mouth, or over the phone, as the information could be misplaced or misunderstood. Failure to cancel will result in your recurring billing to your credit/debit card to continue without refund.  


Listed below are some FAQ from clients, please review and let us know if you have any questions:

  1. I purchased a monthly package that has (x) number of sessions, how long before I get to use them? All sessions offered with the package must be used within 30 days from the initial date of purchase. If you do not use them, you lose them. Sessions are NON-transferable and NON-refundable.
  2. What happens if I miss my session(s) for the week? You can make them up (if eligible) within the following week. If you missed more than 4 sessions and need extended time, valid documentation is required. Failure to schedule on Vagaro each week due to lack of responsibility will result in loss of sessions with no make-up. Regardless of the scenario we ask that you communicate to us what is going on, we are only here to help you reach your goals not complicate them. 
  3. What sessions are eligible for make-up? Sick Days, Family Emergencies, Death in The Family, Court/Jury Duty and Scheduled Vacations (Vacations must be communicated 1 week prior
  4. What does a monthly package mean? ALL of our training packages are monthly packages. This means you will be charged the total amount of your package every month based on the payment selection you’ve chosen on the CC authorization form.  Ex) If you have the Student Package #1 ($200) and you chose a bi-weekly payment plan.. your card will be charged $100.00 every two weeks. 
  5. What if I can no longer train due to finances, schedule conflicts or no longer interested? No problem, we understand life happens! We also understand we may not always be the best fit for everyone. However, we require all clients to notify us 2 weeks/14 days before your next billing when canceling package/membership.